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The Tektronix T59 aka T555 aka T5550 is a dual-beam CRT used in the 555. The T5550 is operated in the 555 with 10 kV acceleration, +8650 V on the anode and −1350 V on the cathode.

Part numbers

Part No Name Phosphor Graticule
154-0199-00 (154-199) T5550-2 (T555 P2) P2 (standard) external
154-0219-00 (154-219) T5550-1 (T555 P1) P1 external
154-0220-00 (154-220) T5550-7 (T555 P7) P7 external
154-0221-00 (154-221) T5550-11 (T555 P11) P11 external
154-0476-00 T5550-2-1 P2 (standard) internal
154-0476-01 T5550-7-1 P7 internal
154-0476-02 T5550-11-1 P11 internal
154-0476-03 T5550-31-1 P31 internal