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Tektronix SI5010
GPIB-controllable 50 Ω BNC switch matrix
Tektronix SI5010

Compatible with TM5000 system

Produced from (?) to (?)

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The Tektronix SI5010 is a GPIB-controllable 50 Ω BNC switch matrix plug-in for the TM5000 system.


The -3 dB frequency is 350 MHz for transmission through the switch. The isolation between channels is 40 dB at 100 MHz. Switching is performed using relays, not semiconductor switches.

  • Software Reconfigurable as:
    • 16 Channel to 1
    • dual 8 Channel to 1
    • quad 4 Channel to1
  • Buffered mode for unattended (controllerless) operation
  • Real time clock
  • Triggered events