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The Tektronix Engine Analyzer consists of a 561A oscilloscope or a 564 storage scope, a specially designed Engine Analyzer Timebase (a modified 2B67) with a rotational function generator input, and a modifIed 3A74 4-channel amplifier providing separate inputs for pressure (with a charge preamplifier), ignition, vibration, and crank-shaft rotation marker.

The instrument package includes a rotational function generator, pressure and vibration transducers, ignition pickoff, magnetic pickup, cables and carrying case.

The rotational function generator consists of a rotating film disk that is mechanically linked to the engine. Through three printed, optically sensed patterns, it provides three selectable signals – a sawtooth pattern linked to the crank angle, a pulse pattern marking crank angle in 10°, 60° and 360° increments, and a modified sine (6% second harmonic) representing piston volume as a function of crankshaft angle.

The Engine Analyzer System has been produced from 1967 until 1975.

Possible displays include

  • Pressure vs. time
  • Pressure vs. volume
  • Pressure vs. crank angle
  • Vibration analysis
  • Ignition analysis (timing, point arcing, spark plug condition etc.)




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