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The Tektronix Type 80 is a plug-in introduced in 1959 for 580-series scopes.

It is used with the Type P80 cathode-follower probe, which attaches through an Amphenol 165-15 connector.

The system risetime of a Type P80 probe, a Type 80 plug-in, and a 581/585 non-A scope is 3.5 ns, i.e. a bandwidth of 100 MHz (slightly down-rated to 95 MHz in 1962).

The Type 80 has no active components in the signal path.


Rise time 3.5 ns (overall with P80 probe and 581 or 585 scope)
Bandwidth 100 MHz (see above)
Deflection 0.1 V/cm fixed, ×10 and ×100 divider tips optional