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Tektronix 3001GPX
80 channel logic analyzer
Tektronix 3001GPX

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The Tektronix 3001GPX is a logic analyzer with 20 to 360 channels (in 20-channel increments) offering 8K or 32K acquisition memory, 1 GHz high-speed timing analysis, 200 MHz timing analysis, and 80 MHz state analysis.

It has a 720 Kbyte floppy drive that reads MS-DOS compatible disk.


Probes P6486 (10-channel)
Number of channels 20 to 360 channels
CRT 9 in monochrome
Power 120-250 V
  • Microprocessor instruction disassembly (option)
  • ROM emulator (option)
  • RS-232
  • Simultaneous State and Timing - No Double Probing
  • Comprehensive Microprocessor Support
  • Real-Time Performance Analysis
  • ROM Emulation
  • Links to High-Level Languages for Software Debug
  • Industry-Standard File Outputs

Additional Modules

  • 2 GHz High-Speed Timing Analysis Module (30HSM)
  • 400 MS/s Digitizing Oscilloscope (30DSM)
  • Lower-Cost Microprocessor Analysis Module (30MPX)