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The Tektronix TDS2004 is a four-channel, 60 MHz, 1 GS/s digital scope with a color LCD screen. An External trigger input on front, and the rear mounted optional TDS2MEM Communication Module provides a CompactFlash card slot, Centronics-type printer port, RS-232, and GPIB rear ports for convenient inter-connectivity.

Easy access to the MATH MENU button provides waveform adjustments (CH1-CH2, CH2-CH1, CH3-CH4, CH4-CH3, CH1+CH2, CH3+CH4) along with FFT (spectrum, harmonics, distortion, noise, impulse, vibration) measurements. Measurements can also be performed for time (frequency) and voltage (amplitude). Repetitive signals can be captured and averaged to remove noise, or captured as a single-shot signal.

Triggering of signal capturing is available through a comprehensive TRIG MENU providing Edge (rising or falling), Video (NTSC, PAL, SECAM), and Pulse Width (or Glitch) triggering on CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4, Ext and AC Line sources.


Bandwidth and Channels 60 MHz; Bandwidth is 20 MHz at 2 mV/div; 4 Channels
Vertical Sensitivity 2 mV to 5 V/div with calibrated fine adjustment
Time Base Range 5 ns to 50 s/div
Sample Rate 1.0 GS/s on each channel
Record Length 2.5 K points
Automatic Waveform Measurements Period, Frequency, +Width, -Width, Rise Time, Fall Time, Max, Min, Peak-to-Peak, Mean, Cycle RMS
Waveform Processing Operators (Add, Subtract, FFT); FFT (Windows: Hanning, Flat Top, Rectangular; 2048 sample points; Autoset Menu (Single-button, automatic setup of all channels for vertical, horizontal, and trigger systems with undo autoset)
Autoset Menu Square Wave (Single-cycle, Multi-cycle, Rising or Falling Edge); Sine Wave (Single-cycle, Multi-cycle, FFT Spectrum); Video (NTSC, PAL, SECAM) Field: All, Odd or Even Line:All or Selective Line Number