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* [[7D12]] (U148)
* [[7D12]] (U148)
* [[335]]
* [[335]]
* [[NT-7000]]
* and possibly others
* and possibly others

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The Tektronix 155-0022-00 (M036) or 155-0022-01 (M036E) is a Tek-made analog multiplexer chip in a 16-pin DIP, designed by Gene Andrews.

It was made for many years and was eventually replaced by the 234-0408-20.

It is used to multiplex between the two vertical plug-ins and also to switch trigger sources.

Tek expected the 155-0022-00 to have a yearly failure rate of 0.05%.

Data sheet and links

Used in

  • 7403
  • 7503
  • 7603 (U214 vertical channel multiplexer, U324 trigger signal multiplexer, U510 horizontal channel multiplexer,
  • 7613, 7623, 7623A
  • 7704 (U304 and U324, trigger signal multiplexers for the A and B horizontal plug-ins)
  • 7704A
  • 7834, 7844 (U840), 7854 (A9U20)
  • 7912AD, 7912HB
  • 7904 (U825, horizontal channel multiplexer), 7904A (A29 U518, horizontal channel multiplexer)
  • 7934 (A11 U884, horizontal channel multiplexer)
  • 7A12
  • 7A18
  • 7D12 (U148)
  • 335
  • NT-7000
  • and possibly others